Day: August 31, 2017

Ways Computer Games In The Workplace Can Enhance Performance


In the modern workplace, many people rely on company-equipped and supplied computer workstations.  Everyone from the chief executive officer down to the third shift janitorial staff members is aware that staff members spend time during the workday doing non-work activities while at their desks and on their computers.  While there may be restrictions on accessing non-work oriented sites while using company equipment, that hasn’t prevented employees from taking a little time during their breaks to do independent research, writing, or indulge in some entertainment activities.  Some employers strenuously seek to discourage these activities, even to the point of reprimanding and terminating personnel.

On the other hand, some other employers may accept this as a means of allowing employees some personal release and relaxation during the workday.  Some even actively encourage it, to the point of allowing personnel to record member game scores and performance records.  Some post general rules that limit game play and ban wagering.  They may provide employees with a selection of games that the company obtains using Groupon coupons and promo codes at discounts of up to 75% from recognized game providers like  This assures that their employees not only have the latest games at the best prices, but also that employees stay abreast of new software and applications.  Such a policy helps keep their personnel aware of the constantly changing world of computer use and applications.  In companies that give their employees free time on Fridays, gaming is one of the most popular activities they choose to play.

workAnd many independent entrepreneurs also take advantage of the games and software offered by  They use a Groupon to obtain those games whose subject matter and skills relate to the particular work their staff performs.  These are then made available for staff entertainment.  Those enhanced skills will benefit the company when they are engaged in maintaining data bases, financial records, bookkeeping and tax information.  Everyone profits from having a game that also serves as a learning tool for further staff development. One team devised their latest strategy using the tactics learned from a popular game and won an industry award. The increased morale also enhances a sense of teamwork that can lead to a heightened staff productivity and performance.