Month: July 2017

Employee Time Card Software That Works With QuickBooks

As a small business owner or bookkeeper for a small business, you’re probably familiar with the struggle it can be to find quickbooks time trackers that are compatible with the systems you are already using. However, employee time card software that does work with your Quickbooks time sheet is important and a huge time and money saver in the long run!

Count Me In Timecard Monitor Lite and BQ 2012 Time and Billing

These are two of the top Quickbooks time trackers that are readily available and accessible to you, today! Count Me In offers not only just the employee time card software you’re looking for, but also fingerprint recommendation software to verify that your employees actually are the ones clocking themselves in. The Quickbook time tracker calculates everything for you – overtime, lunch breaks, end of pay period calculations, etc. BQ 2012 offers much the same package, only catered more towards Quickbook time trackers that are used in industries like architects, computer consultants and engineers. Your employees are able to not only bill for time, but also keep track of expenses and project related costs and activities. You can link all of these directly into your Quickbook time tracker through your computer or your smartphone, compile reports and send them directly to your human resources company. While Count Me In does not currently offer a free trial, BQ 2012 is offering a 30 day free trial that you should definitely take advantage of it!

T Sheets Quickbook time tracker

This feature rich Quickbook time tracker allows you to track your employee’s time through both their computers and also through your smartphone! It even offers an app that your employees can download to their phones so that they can accurately track their own time while in the field. The transfer from software to Quickbooks is so easy that you’ll wonder why you even used any other system. You also can create reports – monthly and yearly – so you can keep track of spending patterns when transferring them from your Quickbook time sheet into your Quickbooks software. Currently there are no free trials of this project. Visit for more informations and help.

Spring Ahead

Another great Quickbooks time tracker is the Spring Ahead web-based system. It is a fully automated system that works through the Internet to compile your employees timesheets and timecards to make payroll a breeze. You also can create reports that keep track of payroll by project, as well as by individual or by task. You also can view payroll through your Quickbook time tracker and create your own time cards. Spring Ahead offers a free trial to see if it will work well for your needs!

Although time tracking can be a significant time consuming activity, purchasing and using a Quickbook time tracker to help keep track of your payroll can reduce the time and energy it takes significantly! Consider at least trying a free trial of one of the suggested Quickbooks time sheets and see how much of a difference it can make.